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We have moved from Michigan to Texas. We are delighted to be able to continue working with Michigan families that opt to ship their placentas to us. We always have and always will continue to work with families from all over the United States!

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"What is Placenta Encapsulation?"


    We were on CBS news,       advocating for change...


Back off Baylor, no one messes with our families!


A small number of area hospitals refuse to allow moms to keep their placentas. This is a huge problem here in Texas. This was not a problem for our families in Michigan. Texans can and some day will do better! Click below to watch the news story.


One of our sweet

families share about their experience with placenta encapsulation...


We were on local channel 33 news!

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Placenta Encapsulation

We process your placenta into easy to swallow, vegetarian, non-GMO capsules. Choose the method that works best for your family.


~ RAW foods method. Moms rave about the initial energy boost that these capsules provide.

Traditional Chinese Medicine method (inspired by the Chinese). Known in the US as the, "Traditional Chinese Medicine method", Your Placenta is prepared with organic ginger, lemon & green chili.

~ Custom herbal tea. I will steam your placenta in an herbal tea of your choice. All of my herbs are USDA certified organic & most are locally sourced.

NEW Package A, "Blissful Transitions" - Just what you need to get you through the immediate postpartum period. No more, no less. Drop off & pick-up in Plano, TX, off I-75, zipcode 75023.

1) Encapsulation service, cord keepsake, digital photos & pathology report. Package does not include pick-up, drop-off or art prints. $165

2) Encapsulation service, cord keepsake, digital photos, pathology report, pick-up and drop off OR placenta artwork. $185


Package B- Encapsulation service. Package includes 2 placenta art impressions, pathology report, digital photos & an umbilical cord keepsake. Capsules are stored in hand crafted, recycled glass bottles. $225* 

Package C- Encapsulation service, 2 placenta art prints, cord keepsake, digital photos, pathology report & customized organic healing salve: $255*

Package D- Encapsulation service, 2 placenta art prints, cord keepsake, digital photos, pathology report & placenta tincture in organic alcohol: $265*

Package E- Encapsulation service, placenta art print, cord keepsake, customized organic healing salve, placenta tincture in organic alcohol: $285*


* We want every family to be able to experience the many benefits of placenta consumption. Therefore, we offer payment plans and reduced rates for families experiencing financial hardships. Please submit a, "rainy day" application to see if you qualify for a discount. 

Rainy Day Application

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michigan placenta encapsulation
michigan placenta salve
Placenta Skin Salves
michigan placenta

Placenta skin salves are a powerhouse of healing & restoration for your skin. Our skin salves are made from a portion of Your Placenta. Your Placenta is infused with custom organic herbs which we purchase locally, organic coconut oil & organic almond oil for a minimum of 24 hours in order to maximize the medicinal benefits. Then we gently add vitamin E, local hand grated cosmetic grade beeswax & other organic essential oils such as chamomile, tea tree oil, clove oil & many more. We can create a custom salve for you or you can choose your own ingredients. Many of our moms have used their salves for hemorrhoids, tears, sore nipples, diaper rashes, cradle cap & more. Your skin salve is stored in your choice of a tin container or dark blue glass container with a BPA free plastic lid. $35 (varies as each one is unique, 4-6 oz)

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Placenta Tinctures

Placenta tinctures are the ideal way to preserve your placenta for life! We take a portion of your placenta and allow it to infuse in organic alcohol for 6-7 weeks. Then the placenta chunk is strained & the resulting tincture is bottled up & ready for you to use. You are welcome to keep the discarded chunk. Some moms like to bury it under a special tree or plant. Just a few drops under the tongue has been reported to help moms feel more centered during times of stress and transitions. Some moms have had success with reducing colic when they dilute a few drops in water & give it to their loved ones. $45 (16 oz)

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michigan placenta tincture
Placenta Infused Oils
michigan placenta oils

Many people spend hundreds of dollars for cosmetics made from placentas which are derived from Russian donors. Because of this, we have decided to offer families an oil, made from their own placenta's. This oil can be added to their favorite moisturizer, bath salts - or anything. We infuse Your Placenta in your choice of oils: organic sweet almond, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic macadamia nut oil or organic hemp seed oil. $30 (varies as each one is unique, 3-4 oz)

Placenta Artwork & Keepsakes
michigan placenta encapsulation
michigan placenta capsules

All of our encapsulation packages include a placenta art impression print and an umbilical cord keepsake at no additional charge. We use professional, acid-free 140 pound watercolor paper for your prints. When they are finished drying, we seal them with an archival spray so that they will last for years. They arrive ready for framing if desired. Do you have a special design in mind? We are happy to accommodate special requests. 

Colorful Prints

We are very excited to offer you unique colorful prints. Our edible paints are made from a variety of organic spices, vegetables and fruits. They will be thoroughly rinsed off of the placenta prior to encapsulating.

Placenta Necklace

We can't tell you ~how~ we did it. Just that we are excited to have finally done it! Yes, this is a charm  with placenta beads! Wear it on your own chain or the hemp chain which is included. We will custom select the complimenting glass beads. We also offer tiny genuine gemstones such as peridot, sapphire, amethyst, garnet and more (we currently have 2 tiny diamonds about .01 carats) that we can also add for a special touch. Please inquire about gemstone availability.

Placenta necklace: $35

Placenta necklace w/gemstone: $50

The Fine Print


Due to customer request, we are offering our services nationwide. Please email us for more information.​

​Excluding tinctures, packages B, C, D & E include all transportation fees ( 24/hr pick-up & delivery within 50 miles of zip code 75051). We are happy to travel further for an additional fee. We work with families in Texas, parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas. Please inquire. Tinctures will be shipped via USPS priority mail 6-7 weeks after encapsulation.

Discounts are available for participating practitioner clientele. Please inquire to find out if your midwife, doctor or healthcare provider is a participating practitioner. We require a $50 deposit to reserve your spot. Our contract for services must be submitted before we begin working with your placenta. Unless other arrangements have been made, the balance is due upon delivery of your items. If you are unable to secure your placenta from the hospital or if you cancel your reservation at least 2 weeks before your due date your deposit will be refunded. If you experience a loss, your deposit will be refunded and we will do your package for free, if desired. For payments we accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and cash.

We want every family to be able to utilize their placentas. If you are experiencing financial hardships & are unable to afford our fees, lets talk! We may be be able to offer you a payment plan and/or a reduced rate.